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Pixar Theory. This is becoming an addiction now!!! THAT IS MY FACE RIGHT NOW! THE MEME AT THE BOTTOM!

refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. It was the classroom for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney, and several other studios, discovered and mastered their craft.

Jarida I don't ship that .. but awww that so cute how she was worried for him after all

I don't ship jarida but I'm pretty sure this would happen if she thought Jack was dead

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Jarida - I like this more then Jelsa! To be honest, I hated the idea of Jack + Elsa. I now officially ship Jarida.

Disney princesses got old!

Disney kind of pisses me of. I mean look at their ages, they found love with older men at these ages I mean snow white was And then people seem to think it's wrong for girls to find older men

Jarida:Black and White by Kiome-Yasha.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I love Jarida and I think it's amazing but what I hate is when people pin Jarida stuff and then comment 'I don't ship this but it's cute' it's like WTH

Jarida Week: Day 5, Timeless by Starwarrior4ever on DeviantArt

Jarida Week: Day Timeless by on DeviantArt Jelsa would have the same problem.