Yeah but isn't peter erudite? <<< Peter is actually candor if you see in the movie, he is wearing black and white. But I don't think they really mentioned his faction in the book.

They forgot Amity <<< cuz they don't yet have a picture of Johanna Reyes (I think that's her name, correct me if I'm wrong) i saw the movie last night i went to bed crying :'(

Tris Prior Quote // Dauntless // Edit

I always wish the Divergent world was real. No stupid stereotypes, because its the truth. But its not real; because then it wouldn't be life, it would be a dream.

Christian madse looks like some one who should be in an emotional band

OML when I saw the first two rows I thought they were doing couples and so when I saw peter and al I screamed.

Another inspirational tattoo

I chose this because in the movie president snow ( the bad guy that makes people fight in the games) said this to the game maker. That the only thing stronger than fear is hope.

The maze runner CHARACTERS!!!! Such a good movie. I loved the movie just as much as the book!

The maze runner CHARACTERS! Such a good movie. I loved the movie just as much as the book! << why the movie was horrible but dylan o'brien and thomas brodie-sangster are hot so

Yes please! // Loki<<< This will forever be my favorite post!!! I can't get over it's perfectness

*slams hand on the button**body slams the button* you realize they never said you couldn't also MURDER the villain