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Strange and Beautiful by *SteakandUnicorns on deviantART

A little Labyrinth tribute for a rainy day. Song lyric is from Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful" which I always thought fit the relationship between Ja. Strange and Beautiful

Labyrinth worm on Etsy, $39.00  He must be mine!  He is sold! Big Fat Sad Face!

Labyrinth William the Worm

Labyrinth fan art - this one had me snorting, I confess.  Kiyomi-chan16 The Goblin Princess Bride

After I did "The Goblin Princess. The Goblin Princess Bride: A Pick-up Line

Labyrinth Inspired Tattoo Art

Labyrinth Inspired Tattoo Art Print by AMurderOfKrows on Etsy This makes my labyrinth heart so happy

Labyrinth - Jareth and Sarah Sketch by MyBeautifulMonsters

I read to today that it is the Anniversary of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is one of a kind and is possibly the films that has influenced m. Labyrinth - Jareth and Sarah Sketch


Labyrinth Sarah Art Print by Carlations: Carla Wyzgala Illustrations


Labyrinth: the trophy by *lily-fox on deviantART. - Sarah's prize: the head of the beggar bird, which Jareth disguised himself as in the Labyrinth tunnels.

"Friend." Sarah and Ludo. | Artist: sephiramy #labyrinth #sarahwilliams #ludo

My four year old cousin wanted to watch Labyrinth the last time I came over, and he peppered me with questions about the Fieries and Helping Hands and honestly, it was f a a a a a a n tastic.