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60 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

60 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

60 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

Go ahead, see if you can do it.

I Dare You To Make It Through These 21 Tumblr Stories Without Laughing

Go ahead, see if you can do it.

This is me, and I'm not afraid to admit it. When people say: "You need to shut up. You're talking really loud." I will start yelling. It makes me mad when people tell me to talk quieter.

Cough cough *emma* what? Me not I didn't say anything *emma* cough cough

70 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

70 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

All the time!

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

Haha...you girls gave me these notes all the time!!

25 Funny Notes Written By Kids. This is why I love kids. This note is how I feel with my husband. I might be mad at you but I still love you no matter what


This is so true. Half the time im not in the mood to do it so i write down random numbers and hope for the best haha! Yeah whatever is closes to it must be the answer!

Teenager Post #15747 ~ You go to school: Nothing happens. You are absent: 6 fights, Tupac came back, school had a blackout, & Beyoncé preformed in the cafeteria. ☮

actually one day i was sick (like really really deadly killmenow sick) and at lunch this guy was like "lol [girls name] has to give [guys name] a bl*wjob" and the principal walked in just as he said it omg my friends told me this i laughed so hard

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"On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley granola bar how much is your life falling apart" Italys' heart after HRE left<<Nature Valley granola bar, bruh

omg happens all the time!

Story of my life. Not just for teenagers and walking into anything happy then suddenly surrounded by negativity.