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ridiculously gorgeous equines

Icelandic Horse beautiful creatures it like the lambo of the animal world

Iceland Horses

The gathering ~ Horses and ponies are social creatures, enjoying each other's company often. Of course, like people, our equine friends each have their own personality! Pinned via Tina's Fabulous Fotografia.


Ísak frá Oddhóli Picture taken for the horse magazine Eidfaxi.is The stallion is Ísak frá Oddhóli. They took him to this wild flowerbed and let him loose there. He then started playing, running back and forth, jumping and showing off.

January 24, 2013 :: The best part of the day was that Keston got to spend much of it with two of her favorite friends riding horses. Sweet to watch them all together and listen to their sweet giggles.

I will always ride for my best friend Chessa, if she cant ride but she wants to I will help her out and ride with her. Never let your friend do things alone.

Love Love Love Icelandic ponies!

If the mane aint flyin you aint tryin. Icelandic horses are my favorite

Icelandic horses, Skagafjorour Fjord, Iceland

Icelandic horses, Skagafjorour Fjord, Iceland Art Print by Sergio Pitamitz