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I blast the TV, sing super loud, and laugh at random things that aren't funny as loud as I can.

More the first half because my thighs are too fat

more of the second half tho because i mean we are talking about ME here 💅🏼👑💁🏻

Tumblr Posts.

Hahaha as a fanfic author, it depends on the character I kill. If it's a good character I cry. If it's a character that I hate then I smile laugh and have tea with satan

Tumblr, humour, funny, lol, haha, chat post, text post

*evil laughter* *shuffles away into the abyss* I don't actually hate anyone though

so accurate it hurts

this is actually extremely accurate, except I have no band merch :(

"the american schooling system ladies and gents" The reason I don't do well in traditional school systems.>> it isn't just the american system I'm dying here in India.

what I do is run. I exercise. it helps, and then i want to do stuff.

YES-Seriously guys, I just climb trees and talk about fandom with my friends, or try to convince them to watch anime with me <<< Can I be your friend?