Pray for the Arabian Peninsula to be lit with the Light of the Messiah! Highly detailed Earth illuminated by moonlight over Saudi Arabia.

The Blue Glacier Ice Waters of Patagonia, Chile. Oh so want to go to Patagonia .have been told its so beautiful


Two amazing sources of light - the Milky Way and bio-luminescent plankton in Vincentia, New South Wales, Australia. One of the coolest experiences was seeing our beach at home light up from bio-luminescent plankton!

Wow... Not seen Mt Fuji like this before


Mount Fuji (富士山 Fuji-san) is the highest mountain in Japan located on Honshu Island at m ft). An active stratovolcano that last erupted in Mount Fuji lies about 100 kilometres mi) south-west of Tokyo, and can be seen from there on a clear day.

die trying ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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20 Amazing Images of Earth as Seen From Space

Image: NASA Here’s a view of the triangular Sinai Peninsula and the Dead Sea Rift. In the centre, the Red Sea.

Earth by Travis Odgers, via Flickr

ode-to-the-world: Earth par Travis Odgers.this is a picture of our galaxy the Milky Way Galaxy

Solar eclipse as seen from Earth’s orbit

I have been lucky enough to see several total solar eclipses (and travelled to exotic places to do so) - but I've never seen an eclipse from space - wouldn't it be wonderful? Eclipse as Seen From Earth’s Orbit