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Princess Disney evolution. I don't like Cinderella because she doesn't look the same and I hate Mulan because she is wearing a sequin dress which makes no sense because she is Mulan......

Last pinned "Princess evolution. ok so what i noticed is that there was one year where all the princesses turned gold. And the very last one is all sparkly" personally I think that it is princesses around the world like different versions of the story


This Might Be The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Two of the best Disney movies together. How to Train Your Dragon & Lilo and Stitch

Peter Pan's shadow, Disney store Tokyo. Wish they sold this as a wall cling would love this in my room!

Kids room This is NOT an actual shadow of Peter Pan Check out this article for other popular Disney internet myths, debunked.

Women Reading : Photo

Women Reading : Photo

Walt Disney

Disney opening titles It goes from "Walt Disney presents" to " Walt Disney pictures presents" *single tear*

Perfect xD

Disnumblr Trois

They all have flaws, but somehow at the end of each film(a period of like, 2 days, usually) they have repented and recovered into perfect husband material. so true

It's funny how Tiana has the most dresses but she was a frog most of the time

Disney princess costume changes in one infographic

Disney Character Costume Changes ~ Go Tiana! All those costume changes and she spends more than half the movie as a naked frog.

Disney and their random adjectives...

If Disney Movies Were Retitled To Random Adjectives Like “Frozen” And “Tangled”…this made me laugh! << I have nothing against the new titles, but I gotta admit these random adjectives are rather ridiculous