Real talk

My threat is the truth. Always was and always will be. I have nothing to hide, unlike yourself. I am always a triple threat!

Walking away from where you are not valued

Once you discover your true worth, walking away from where you are not valued will become the easiest hard thing you will ever do


It's funny how someone can refuse to take responsibility for their actions but has no issue placing blame on others.

Narcissists (NPD) and Borderlines (BPD) are famous for this shit.  They are actually even lying to themselves but believing it, despite actually knowing it's a lie.  That's why it's called mental illness.  It helps greatly in fabricating false memories or demonizing people they simply choose to that day, particularly when coupled with drug and alcohol use.

Beware of 'Toxic Amnesia' it's where the toxic person pretends to not remember events or conversations. It's done to create chaos & doubt in the victim. It's also called "gas lighting.

Most of you idiots will never see the truth... He'll always look so bright... A challenge. Glad he's gone.

sad thing is that no one who hears the Narcissist's lies will ever believe the truth from the victim. the friends and family of the Narcissist somehow never realize it.