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ANGEL SHARK swallowing (then spotting out) a HORN SHARK ©Mike DeGruy THANKS This is an angel shark trying to eat a horn shark. Right after this the horn shark is spit out.

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cynthiagrlx: “ An owl coming in for a landing in it’s landing bay ”

shark jump gif.gif:  VIDEO (click photo to see amaizing footage)

The Evolution of Shark Week, Pop-Culture Leviathan

WHAT A JUMP >>>> hits a seal >> shark jump gif.gif: VIDEO (click photo to see amaizing footage)

These alien-like creatures were discovered by America’s Ocean Exploration Team @ seafloor near Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands. The Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest trench in the Atlantic Ocean. 95% of the ocean remains unexplored. Many of the these deep-sea dwelling animals are rarely seen, and some creatures were so ne- they don’t even have a name. 100 species of fish, 50 deep-water corals, & hundreds of other invertebrates were recorded over 12 dives. More info…

Strange Never-Before-Seen Sea Creatures Discovered 20,000 Feet Under The Sea

Weird Newly-Discovered Sea Creatures Captured On Camera For The First Time

Literally that is 1 of my subconscious fears

12 Terrifying GIFs That 'Shark Week' is Too Afraid to Show You

Shark Week ended recently and there's some disturbing footage that the censors were too afraid to show you. View Terrifying GIFs That 'Shark Week' is Too Afraid to Show You" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Lord of the Long Hands - Jett Britnell

Jaw-Dropping Shark Photos to Prepare for Shark Week

Are you ready for Shark Week? Then check out these 15 amazing shark photos from the 2014 Photo Contest! From great whites to oceanic whitetips to hammerheads and more, we've got you covered. Want more underwater photography?


Mocha Dick, or the White Whale of the Pacific

Moby Dick - evidently I played hooky for three weeks straight in high school


13 gifs de arañas que te fascinarán y te pondrán la piel de gallina

When Sharks Use A Decoy

When Sharks Use A Decoy

Funny pictures about When Sharks Use A Decoy. Oh, and cool pics about When Sharks Use A Decoy. Also, When Sharks Use A Decoy photos.

catgifcentral: “I’m Leaving You, Martha”

The fact that octopi carry shells & stuff for protection. And people think they're just big balls of snot that swim but they're so intelligent.