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A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out | Aeolidia's manifesto for creative businesses

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It's Important to Stay Motivated as a Creative  Staying motivated and on top of the game as a Creative Entrepreneur can  take a toll sometimes. That is why it becomes important to surround  yourself with supportive people that believe in you and remind you why you  started on this journey to being with.  I’m lucky that that person happens  to be my partner in crime here on Buzzing Creatives: My sister, also known  as my best friend, my business partner and my person to have a good time…

10 Ted Talks For Creatives

Descarga gratis iconos de marcas de tecnología y redes sociales | Jhon Urbano.
Hola: Una infografía con una .Guía para elegir el mejor color para el logotipo de tu marca. Vía Un saludo
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40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages
[INFOGRAPHIC] Hay 5 tipos de logos, ¿a cuál pertenece el logotipo de su marca? (Logos can be categorized into 5 basic types): Brand Mark; Word Mark; Letter Mark; Combo Mark; Emblem; Examples.