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my goal is to make you laugh ☯ homeasksubmit numbered posts about

high school musical is messed up.... not really sure if it belongs to a board with 'awesome' in the name... X3

Highschool musical is great but it still had/has this question lingering with it's fans

I would be the one to start singing tbh

When it said no no no I started singing stick to the status quo before I knew it siad that! True HSM fan right here

High School Musical...Ғσℓℓσω ғσя мσяɛ ɢяɛαт ριиƨ>>>> Ғσℓℓσω: нттρ://ωωω.ριитɛяɛƨт.cσм/мαяιαннαммσи∂/.

XD I am ashamed I understand this <<< I am not ashamed. You are not a true wildcat either.← yes u are not a true wildcat your head must be in the game.

Ohhhh...this made me laugh.

That's right, we're talking to YOU, kids of the High School Musical generation! When the Disney Channel showed an HSM.

Sounds about right, mom always gets mad when I do that

My brain is Disney lyrics and movie quotes.these things tend to happen regularly.

The moment you realize how true this is

And that's definitely not the old Disney either. The old Disney had little mermaid the gargoyles chip and dale and actual cartoons

4 more years til I'm 21

4 more years til I'm 21


probably the most unrealistic part of High School Musical. Including the spontaneous dance numbers.<<<< If the high school were like High School Musical I would go but I'm homeschooled and in middle school instead