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Respiratory Acidosis Photo: This Photo was uploaded by PikevilleCollegeNursing. Find other Respiratory Acidosis pictures and photos or upload your own w.

Metabolic Acidosis

Causes and symptoms of metabolic acidosis I hated fluid and electrolytes! Are they metabolic acidosis or alkalosis? Are they respiratory acidosis or alkalosis or maybe they're compensating. Then they throw in some numbers smh Hope this helps


This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before taking you step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.

Arterial blood gases #nursing

Nurse Nightingale: {ABGs} Arterial Blood Gases: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide. How to quickly assess your patient's ABGs.

Asthma drug therapy

Most asthma sufferers use inhalers to control their breathing. The asthma inhaler gives quick relief when finding in hard to breath and control the asthma. There are many types of inhalers and they are prescribed to asthma patients according to their diag

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nurse-with-a-smile: Hyponatremia: Risk Factors: GI loss SIADH Adrenal insufficiency Diuretics Water intoxication Decreased intake Manifestations: Na+

Hypernatremia 3

Category: Nursing Mnemonics - CRiTiCAL Minds Good diagram of how they all work together to keep your body functioning.