Mirror Contact lenses

Eye spy with my freaky eye... How Hollywood special effects guru has horror in his sights

Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween, love love love crazy contacts!!! :D so much!  Jake's favorite was hypnotica and white out!

Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween, love love love crazy contacts! Jake's favorite was hypnotica and white out!

corpse bride Halloween makeup

20+ Examples Of Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas You Should See

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I would have never thought of putting glee on my eyebrows to cover them

Erase Those Eyebrows: Brow Coverage So as it turns out our brow coverage tool was in our kindergarten craft box, not our makeup bag. Elmer's non toxic school glue stick. good to know for costume/cosplay/halloween/festivals etc.

Black Sclera. Contacts for those who wish to scare other supernatural fans. Also a bunch of other awesome looking contacts with or without prescription

The Black Sclera contacts are our freakiest lenses! They are solid black contacts that covers your sclera, giving a full blackout illusion!

Interesting effect. Black eye makeup with black contacts.

16 Nail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Do Your Mani

Impressive and Striking Halloween Makeup Art by Kiki. Look at that solid black contact lens.<<<<I'm pretty sure I already pinned this but it's still awesome haha

High quality demonic contacts with intricate colors and custom designs. Available in prescription & non-corrective versions.

Naruto Contact Lenses. I want these. All of them ...if only they had prescription lenses

Funny pictures about Naruto Contact Lenses. Oh, and cool pics about Naruto Contact Lenses. Also, Naruto Contact Lenses photos.