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Rubber Origami

Rubber Origami

Rubber Origami Simple instructions to make origami a little more permanent. This project will teach you how to create rubber coated origami crane ornaments.


Inspired by our origami DIY? Try your skills out on this pineapple - DIY favor ideas

5 Things to Plasti-Dip for the Holidays - whaaaat, this is a thing? so awesome.

5 Things to Plasti-Dip for the Holidays

Francisca Prieto   Between Folds print pattern

Francisca Prieto - Between Folds

Дизайн интерьера. Interior design. #Aira #Айра #БлагоустройствоГородов #оформление #оформление #дизайн #ДизайнИнтерьера #интерьер #подвеска #рыбы by aira_city_image

These koi fish by origami artist Sipho Mabona have lots of decorative possibilities. In the photo, several different colors of the koi are suspended from wires to give them the appearance of swimming …

Display Origami, ways to display and store your origami artwork

Display origami: How will you preserve that beautiful origami model that took you five hours

Days of Fold Ornament - Oragami inspired dinosaur ornaments

I Love Your Jersey Dress in Plum

Days of Fold Ornament. Add a bit of prehistoric panache to your holiday decor with these white porcelain dinosaur ornaments from One Hundred 80 Degrees!

Great origami design to decorate your home or office for the Holiday Season!

Modular Origami Christmas Tree, Bialbero di Natale, by Francesco Guarnieri - just in time for the Holiday Season!

Stella infinita - Star Infinity, Francesco Guarnieri

From an octagon from a sheet of paper copy, 21 x Designed and folded by Francesco Guarnieri, July Instructions, CP.

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diy plastic dip

How-To: Use Plasti Dip in Craft Projects

DIY plastic dip ANYTHING! saw this two years ago! couldn't find it again. so glad to reconnect with this wonderful idea. Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials