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Istnieją niewyczerpalne zasoby energii – Kreatywność studentów...

Ahhh, good ol school days when we were indoctrinated that what was most important was passing tests and getting good grades, instead of about really learning.

Inventions We Need Right Now

These are cool and all, but anyone else notice the guys at the ping pong table one look like Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast?

Stop lookin at my butt

Thot backwards is toht which is an acronym for Total Orthotopic Heart Transplantation - Funny Memes


When your mum randomly enters your room at night and you only have a second to think of a sleeping position

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Omg I would literally pee my pants of being so scared 😂😂😂so funnny

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Will am i todays kid, but i know what your talking about xD I freaked out when I saw some of those faces doe

Coral blue number 5 semi gloss lipstick

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