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Tal R

From Niels Borch Jensen Gallery and Editions, Tal R, Pigeon Man Woodcut, 97 × 75 cm

Vertical Cities 1, Allison Rae.

Vertical Cities by Allison Rae. This is great, I'm not the only one who's dreamt up a vertical city. Mine was designed on the ocean and called Platinum City. I'll never throw away the sketches.

El Museo Tamayo presenta la primera exposición en México de la artista británica Tacita Dean, que reúne un amplio grupo de trabajos en diversos soportes, incluyendo pintura, fotografía, objetos encontrados e intervenidos, dibujo y cine.

Tacita Dean at Museo Tamayo (Contemporary Art Daily)

Todd James, Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land, by Todd James. This unique work by Todd James continues his Somali pirate series.


Just in time for our December 2013 cover story to come out, Todd James has a new exhibition, Splash Damage, opening at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto.

The Glorious Defeat II: Morten Schelde

The Glorious Defeat II: Morten Schelde

Todd James

From March Lazarides Rathbone presents World Domination, a solo exhibition by celebrated New York artist Todd James. For his first solo show in London since Todd continues his iconic .

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