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Gray-headed social weaver

Gray-headed social weaver

Manu Nest Hanging Chair

Awesome Manu Nest (hanging chair) made from Basalt (volcanic rock) fiber & eco resin. Designed by Maffam Freeform


Awesome Nest for Humans Hangs From the Trees

Weaver Birds (Ploceidae) winds and knots fibers to build its nest. Of the many types of weavers, some females inspect the male's nest building skill before moving in. Others weave community nest that are up to 15 feet and contain 100 nests.

A Baya weaver (Ploceus philippinus) builds a nest in a betelnut tree on the outskirts of Guwahati city, north-east India. Weavers are known for their elaborately woven nests, which are built by the males

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Social Weaver.

Social Weaver.

Social Weaver bird nest

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Bird That Builds Nests So Huge They Pull Down Trees

Social Weaver bird nest

Biodiversity Nest Design Unveiled

Blue Forest are delighted to reveal the design of ‘The Biodiversity Nest’ tree house, a high level walkway and platform to be built at The Eden Project.

White Stork Nest on top of a House in Morocco.

Stork's nest, Africa ✿⊱╮Storks 'appear' more bonded to their nest than to their mate, and the pair add to and rework the nest each breeding season. This nest has been in use for namy years.

Human Nests by Animal Farm

Real-Life Human Nests by Animal Farm

Russian bird - Сегодня меня первый раз искусали комары.

Steller’s Sea Eagle, Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Kamchatka