Taurus fact

If I'm ever distant or seem detached it's bc of something you've said or done.Maybe for no reason other than my own issues. I don't switch modes without reason.

As Pinterest has so kindly pointed out, we taureans tend to be on the sensitive side. We don't like our feelings being hurt, nor do we like to hurt other's. What we like to do is make you feel happy like Pharell :)

And I give fair warning: If you do provoke me. You'll end up an emotional mess, running off to the OCMD crying your ugly eyes out! And Karma will help me every step of the way too!

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I disagree with the left alone part.  I love attention. The more the better. Lol

Dont even try to make a Taurus jealous. These are words of wisdom because you do you will have bitten off an enormous amount you, no one could ever handle WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!