Social media passwords page.

If one of your 2017 resolutions was to be more organized , then I hope you have already made yourself a bullet journal . If you haven’t, you need to, immediately. Bullet journals (a mix of a .

Love the way the blocks are filled in!

4 Productivity Tips That Changed My Life This Year

I just saw this spread in the bullet journal junkies Facebook page and I had to draw it in immediately! Pure brilliance!

This tracker for making sure you keep up on the things you should be doing waaay more often, tbh: 29 Bullet Journal Layouts For Anyone Trying To Be Healthy

Not sure this is a really good idea, but since I can't seem to remember so many passwords  (and they make them harder to come up with every day) ...

How I Plan My Homeschool Year: A Peek Into My Planner

homeschool planning: our password tracker How I Plan my homeschool year in my bullet journal: homeschool planning