ORE Badeværelsesstang IKEA Brusestang med fjeder. Kræver ikke huller i væggen.

IKEA - ORE, Shower curtain rod, , The shower curtain rod is easy to install without screws or drilling, as it has a spring mechanism that keeps it firmly in place.You can easily extend the rod from 110 to 200 cm.

nyttja 21x30

NYTTJA Frame IKEA Fits certificates or documents. Front protection in durable plastic; makes the frame safer to use.

RÄCKA Gardinenstange - weiß, bis max. 385 cm lang

RÄCKA Gardinenstange, weiß

IKEA - RÄCKA, Curtain rod, white, cm , The length is adjustable.You can easily change the expression of the curtain rod by changing to different finials from our range. The finials are sold separately.

RATIONELL VARIERA Soporte para tapas de ollas

New Ikea Variera Pot Lid Organizer Stainless Steel Multi-use Adjustable Lenght - Adjustable. Adapt the length to individual storage needs. - Multi-use organizer

With a little wood stain and a miter saw, you can make the LACK shelf ($19.99) look like floating reclaimed wood. | 37 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your IKEA Stuff Look Expensive

37 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Ikea Stuff Look Expensive

SÄRDAL Lichterkette (12), LED  - IKEA

SÄRDAL Lichterkette (12), LED, transparent batteriebetrieben, innen

IKEA SÄRDAL LED lighting chain with 12 lights Transparent battery-operated/indoor You can personalise the lighting chain to match the season or your.

DRAMSELVA Shower curtain - IKEA

Visit IKEA for unique shower curtains and curtain rods in various patterns and colors to match your style.

Papershop ikea

Help your presents stand out. There’s no shortage of fun gift wrapping essentials here IKEA.

Craft area: $12 HEJSAN Box, set of 3 IKEA Suitable for papers, photos, and other small things.

HEJSAN Box file, set of 3 IKEA Suitable for papers, photos and other small things.

VINTER 2015 Container with lid, set of 3 - IKEA

VINTER 2015 Tin with lid, set of 3 IKEA Suitable for cakes, biscuits and other dry foodstuffs.

GÄSPA Fitted sheet - Queen - IKEA

Andover Mills Barney Soft and Comfortable 1800 Thread Count Fitted Sheet Size: Queen, Color: Emerald Green

IKEA - OTTIL, Ukrasna jastučnica, Jacquard tkanje ukrasnoj jastučnici daje suptilan, pomalo reljefan izgled.Navlaka se lako skida zahvaljujući patent-zatvaraču.

OTTIL Ukrasna jastučnica, crna, višebojno

IKEA - OTTIL, Cushion cover, Jacquard weave gives the cushion cover a pattern with a subtle, slightly raised relief.Choose between a feather- or polyester-filled inner cushion.The zipper makes the cover easy to remove.

GRUNDTAL, Hanger for door, stainless steel


IKEA - GRUNDTAL, Hanger for door, , , Hanging storage helps you to convert unused space into a storage place.Covered back prevents scratching of door.