Monday Moodboards

I did this but the celotwo economy lost its stick and they just fell off. Maybe I should use stronger tape :/

Here's what happened when I tried to Pinterest my first apartment

This DIY inspiration + mood board displays imagery, text, and a few favorite memories in one place, without all of the clutter.

A Mood Board Workshop Review - 6 examples of students work-Eclectic Trends

A concept board that is exceptionally dark and gloomy, granting it quite a sad appearance, the woman in the picture contributing to this.

desk & coffee

You are likely to have your phone by your side during most parts of your day, why not take advantage of it? These articles will provide you with 25 apps that can easily make your life less of a struggle!

Denim blue - kleurpalet in blauw tinten Catania garen van schachenmayr

I thought Mary's palette she used was really pretty so I found one in shades of blue, denim and grey.

Gallery page for AHS? Community feature? Hola Otoño!

love the combination choice.this inspires me on what to do with some of my travel pics

Midnight in Woody Allen's color with his neon eyeglasses.

The grphic designer Selman Hoşgör keeps exploring artistic mix media possibilities. In his new series Midnight in Woody’s Colors, the famous director is



Alexandra McGough - Leather Accessory & Body-wear artisan - An independent fashion label based in a Brighton studio handcrafting from traditional techniques