Wall mood boards have become more popular in interior design recently. A mood board, very simply, is a collection and collage of images, te.

Love an inspiration wall for the home office

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Edith’s home studio aka ‘The Bush Museum’. Photo – Rachel Kara for The Design Files

Edith Rewa

Edith’s home studio aka ‘The Bush Museum’ /// Photo: Rachel Kara /// The Design Files


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Creative space. (And a nice boy who would make you ace birthday cards.)

Studio space for artists and creatives. Inspiration wall, loads of pens, and a great table.


wall mural Pieces of abract art brings a neat feel to the room. Art pieces painted of the wall or sculptures brings character to a room. It may look like nothing you can explain, but it lets the artist create the experience they want you to feel.

I love this idea of using clipboards to put together one themed mood board. This would be really cute on a blank office wall space!

Would be good for inspiration boards for multiple projects. :) Would probably use clear clipboards though.

DIY mood board from cardboard by nimi design (source:

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Office hanging idea - foam or illustration boards with clips on a nail instead of trying to do something to the back of it