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Don Featherstone - the inventor of plastic lawn flamingos. It seemed like fate, his name, his style, his appearance. Just seems very fitting

This ^

A moment of silence for all the people we drew halfway down the page to avoid drawing feet <<I never have to do the eye thing but there are days where I just can't draw hands and feet

Hitler doing nice things

Hitler doing nice things

Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Oops, we did it again, we invaded their la-a-nd.


Switzerland and Liechtenstein- how do you accidentally invade another country THREE times?

sometimes I just love people

Gay pride parade protester you're going straight to hell throne well duh I've got a kingdom to run

Pretty much

Funny pictures about DVD’s anti piracy warnings. Oh, and cool pics about DVD’s anti piracy warnings. Also, DVD’s anti piracy warnings.

sugar scrub

what do americans call biscuits

This is honestly the funniest thing I've ever read. Just read it and smile. Yay for sugar scrubs!

English people messing up foreign languages

And other planets moon's have cool names, like charon ( but we just call our moon, Moon. Earth 's moon is moon moon.