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Gug by Spielorjh on DeviantArt

Gug by Spielorjh on DeviantArt


The Sledge-Headed Charger is known to tip over caravans and charge at passerby. Often times however it doesn't bother eating its victims, preferring larger and less intelligent prey.

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painted transulecent polyeser resin bust insect alien close up

oryctes aloeus by V4m2c4 on deviantART

(Well is you can call blowing hot rocks out out of holes in your side shitting). Creature of the Week warmup.

Owlbears? You want owlbears?? ROLL FOR INITIATIVE.

Owlbear (version concept art for The Forgotten Realms (Dungeons & Dragons). This was a rejected version (ultimately), but one of my personal favorite, as it explored a more morbid-like appro.

Belly-Thrower Sculpture (Alternate Views) by AirborneTerror on DeviantArt

Remember the Poll? I was going through them yesterday and somehow managed to include everything I l.


The Eastern Indra Hydra, an intelligent and deadly beast. Said to breath both paralyzingly and flammable gasses.

Wohrgnaal - creature design by Cloister on DeviantArt

There are many kinds of trolls in the World of Jakyama. Enter Jakyama through The Journal of the Homp (It's free): cloister.se/Hompsjournal/Homps…Go deeper, by supporting my Patreon-project:.

My first creature of the week! by MackinX

My first creature of the week!


[A short story] His contact among the kahoons met him the moment he stepped off the dropcraft. The sensory proboscis above its single, gaping intake nos. A Meeting with the Elder