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The St. Louis Beef Canning Co....everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about this ad is either wrong, funny, or disturbing.  Since I can't pick just one, I'll go with all three...

Louis Corned Beef Ad// I tried hard to think of a funny comment but this is just to perversely true. If PETA ever run out of ideas for campaign pictures, vintage meat ads are where to find them.

15 Fascinating World War II Vintage Ads & Posters (vintage advertisement posters) - ODDEE

15 Fascinating World War II Vintage Ads & Posters - vintage advertisement posters

Those American Housewives" ~ WWII newspaper article urging women to save waste fats to turn into gunpowder!

Oh yeah! It's a Portion Controlled Meats delivery...my day is complete.

The fine print reads - Ingredients: People, modified soy proteins,sodium, spices, and unnamed inert agents for consistency and flavor.

Spam Canned Meat Ad, c1950 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!  Oh we even breaded this and sauteed It:(

There's ham in Spam. Spam Canned Meat Ad, (We always ate this when we were camping in the My dad would slice it and fry it for breakfast with our eggs or for sandwiches.

With one can of Spam! (7)Mashed up with mayo & spread on buttered white bread - my grandma made for grandpa's lunch.  (8) fried with fried eggs - breakfast

SPAM "a lot of meat but not a lot of money"? What kind of meat exactly is that?

yeah...Twinkie sauce with eyeballs...

“Split pieces of hot cornbread and place sizzling slices of fried Treet between and on top. Melt Cloverbloom Cheese in white sauce and pour over shortcakes. Garnish with stuffed olives.

Crazy Old Days: Examples of Vintage Advertising, That Would Be Banned Today - Curious Eggs

Kids are cute. But they can also be creepy. And you’re about to see just how creepy in this collection of vintage ads, posted by users of the Livejournal V

Fiesta Peach Spam Bake recipe from "Better Living" magazine | FEBRUARY 1954 | #vintage #1950s #recipe

Oh you crazy recipies. Don't know what it was from the to that made wacky food combos de rigor. Here we have a vintage Spam ad featuring a recipe for Fiesta Peach Spam.

vintage armour treet recipe | Description: 1952 ARMOUR MEAT vintage print advertisement "Beat the ...

Description: 1952 ARMOUR MEAT vintage print advertisement "Beat the heat" -- Beat the heat -- with Armour Pantry-Shelf Meals!

Old Advertising Images – Cows – Farmhouse

Old Advertising Images - Cows - Farmhouse

How great would this be transferred onto a dishcloth and wrapped around a mince pie? Old Advertising Images - Cows - Farmhouse - The Graphics Fairy