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Kong Svend Estridsen

Kong Svend Estridsen

Viking Personal Implements Carried at the Belt. http://darksuntattoo.deviantart.com/art/Viking-Toilettenbesteck2-290459278

Vikings were quite vain about their appearance. In fact, combs, tweezers, razors and ear spoons are among some of the most frequent artifacts from Viking Age excavations. These same excavations have also shown that the Vikings made soap.

Medieval Russian warrior (knight). Modern reconstruction according to the archaeological data. #medieval #Russian #history

Ancient Russian Knight Costume of Vedic Russia (before Baptizing)

Most Recognizable Catholic Symbols and Their Meanings

Most Recognizable and Divine Catholic Symbols and Their Meanings

Viking Odin T-shirt - front

Original art print on a high quality black cotton T shirt depicting Odin, chief of the Norse gods clutching his rune etched spear Gungnir and