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Istidens slutning

The next ice age could begin any day


what the agency hears

Minoan fashion

Minoan: Women wear exposed bodices, aprons, and their flared/ruffled skirts; Men wear wrapped skirts with tassel, perizoma, T-shaped tunics with decorative bands.

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minoan civilization fashion -

Ancient Minoan Goddess in corset. Our Lady Of The Sports with male loincloth. Views of Corset, Girdle and male loin.

My heart has no room for you...but my trunk...

Dark serial killer murder humor, My heart has no room for you, but the trunk of my car definitely does.

"why is one creepy but not the other?" via

"why is one creepy but not the other?" via


That's what I call an euphemism


Strategic Humor: Cartoons from the May 2015 Issue

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Woman feeding stray cats during WW2, November 1940

Woman feeding stray cats during November 1940 Mrs. Caroline Roberts of 22 Lindfield street, Poplar, London seen here in November 1940 feeding cats made homeless by the Nazi bombing raids. Battle of Britain collection