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The snaky sinuosities of her tail made the mermaid form a particular favorite in church carvings that were also neatly and decoratively point a moral lesson, and soon  shapely sirens werecarved on the capitals,  pillars and pew ends gazing  at the assembled faithful.     Confronted by a fleet of predatory mermaids brandishing their fearsome fish trophies, symbols of the abducted Christian soul, the medieval churchgoer was urged to reflect on the righteousness of his own life-style.

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The siren in the Hortus sanitatis, “De piscibus,” chapter 83, published in 1491. (British Library, IB.344). Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps.

The siren in the Hortus sanitatis, “De piscibus”, chapter published in (British Library, twin tailed mermaid, melusine

Medieval mermaid mermaids certainly have been in men's mind for years.

The Medieval Bestiary Mermaid - British Library, Additional MS Folio Latin name: Serra General Attributes The mermaid has the body of a woman from head to waist, and a fish below.

[ R ] François de Rohan - Fleur de vertu  (1530) BNF 1877, f. 035 v - Detail by Cea., via Flickr

Mirror with a (Fish) Tail

[ R ] François de Rohan - Fleur de vertu (1530) BNF 1877, f. 035 v - Detail by Cea., via Flickr