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The snaky sinuosities of her tail made the mermaid form a particular favorite in church carvings that were also neatly and decoratively point a moral lesson, and soon  shapely sirens werecarved on the capitals,  pillars and pew ends gazing  at the assembled faithful.     Confronted by a fleet of predatory mermaids brandishing their fearsome fish trophies, symbols of the abducted Christian soul, the medieval churchgoer was urged to reflect on the righteousness of his own life-style.

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Medieval Bestiary : Griffin Gallery

1633 Folio A griffin, rampant. The front part is an eagle, the back part a lion. The text says the griffin has four feet, but the artist has given it eagle's claws.

Naturalis Historia, 1565

스타벅스 인어가 다리를 가린 까닭은

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MERMAID~♥Green Man with mermen coming out of his ears on a Century bench end in the Church of the Holy Ghost, Crowcombe, Devon, England (photo Rex Harris

Sirena - Bestiario Provenzal

The Latin guide to animal life ( Bestiarius) in a manuscript that is illustrated with more than 100 washed drawings, including this mermaid.

Dragon Moon Card by Lisa Parker

Dragon Moon Card by Lisa Parker

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