Explore Quantum Physics, Theoretical Physics, and more!

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7 Tips To Keep Your Business Safe From Hackers [Infographic]

These are 7 helpful tips that will help prevent issues with privacy and cyber security. A must read for individuals who may have online security threats.

Popular Satanic Hand Signals - Please, familiarize yourself.

orig When you read this information and see your favorite pastor flipping these Illuminati Masonic hand signs during their TV sermons you will be heartbroken as I am.

evolution of funerals -- quirky yet informative!

The Evolution of Funerals - Infographic

A graphical history of the evolution of death rituals throughout human history, via MySendoff

Las cuatro ecuaciones de Maxwell que explican todo el electromagnetismo,...

Maxwell's equations predict that the speed of light is constant

James Clark Maxwells 4 equations form the foundation of classical electrodynamics, classical optics, and electric circuits.