VARIERA Skuffeunderlag  - IKEA

VARIERA Skuffeunderlag, transparent

IKEA VARIERA Drawer mat Transparent Dampens sounds and protects drawers and shelves against scratching.

KUGGIS Scatola con coperchio - 37x54x21 cm - IKEA

KUGGIS Contenitore con coperchio, bianco

IKEA - KUGGIS, Box with lid, Perfect for arts and crafts, game accessories or other bulky items.Easy to lift and carry thanks to the handles on two sides of the box.If you want to keep both smaller and larger items in the box, add KUGGIS insert.

VARIERA Knife tray IKEA Place in the drawer to make your knives easy to see and access. The wood surface is durable yet also gentle on your knives.

VARIERA Knife tray, bamboo

Whenever we peruse the sites of high-end European specialist kitchen makers, we find ourselves obsessing over the elaborate built-in drawer storage systems

VARIERA Bandeja p/cuchillos - IKEA

VARIERA Bandeja p/cuchillos, alto brillo blanco

IKEA VARIERA Knife tray White cm Makes it easier to organise and find what you need in the drawer.

IKEA - VARIERA, Behälter für Abfalltrennung, 11 l, , Umklappbare Griffe halten Müllbeutel am Platz und erleichtern das Tragen des Abfalleimers.Abgerundete Kanten erleichtern das Reinigen.

VARIERA Behälter für Abfalltrennung, schwarz

IKEA VARIERA waste sorting bin Rounded corners for easy cleaning.

FÖRTROLIG Contenitore per alimenti, vetro trasparente


IKEA - FÖRTROLIG, Food container, Snap-and-lock lid creates an aroma-tight seal, so the food you store in the food container stays fresh longer.The food container is made of oven-safe glass and can be used as an oven/serving dish.

KVISSLE Portariviste da parete  - IKEA

KVISSLE Portariviste da parete, bianco

KVISSLE Wall magazine rack - IKEA for school papers inside hall closet door.

MALM Cómoda de 3 cajones IKEA Cajones muy amplios. Más espacio para guardar tus cosas. Los cajones, fáciles de abrir y cerrar, llevan topes.

MALM Cómoda de 3 cajones, blanco

Kyle's dresser, for master bedroom - MALM 3 drawer chest IKEA Extra roomy drawers. Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop.

IKEA Style Toe Kick Drawer Storage - Genius Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens | #DIY Tiny Homes

How to Build Under-Cabinet Drawers & Increase Kitchen Storage

КОМПЛИМЕНТ Полка - 100x58 см - IKEA

КОМПЛИМЕНТ Полка, белый

EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM Mensola IKEA Poiché la staffa copre il bordo della mensola, puoi tagliare quest'ultima senza che il taglio si veda.

EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM Scaffale da parete, bianco, alluminio

IKEA - EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM, Wall shelf, white/aluminium, , As the bracket covers the edge of the shelf; you can cut the shelf without the cut edge showing.

IKEA - ИКЕА ПС 2014, Скамья д/дома/сада, Эту скамью можно использовать на улице благодаря прочной отделке из ламината высокого давления.Можно легко и быстро сложить для компактного хранения.

IKEA IKEA PS 2014 Bench, in/outdoor White/foldable The seat is extra durable for outdoor use since it has a high-pressure laminated surface.

VARIERA Utensil/knife tray - IKEA

VARIERA Utensil/knife tray, bamboo

VARIERA Utensil tray, white - IKEA


IKEA - VARIERA, Utensil tray, Rounded corners for easy cleaning.Makes it easier to organise and find what you need in the drawer.

NORBO Wall-mounted drop-leaf table IKEA You save space when the table is not being used as it can be folded away.

NORBO Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, birch

IKEA NORBO Wall-mounted drop-leaf table Birch cm You save space when the table is not being used as it can be folded away.