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Blue Anole

Blue Anole is one of the only lizard species in the world that is blue in coloration. It is found only on Isla Gorgona, a small tropical island off the Pacific coast of Colombia.

Allison’s Anole - Anolis allisoni aka the Blue-headed Anole

Allison’s Anole - Anolis allisoni aka the Blue-headed Anole [Some pretty clear dimorphism here, but it's still worth keeping a group - including "boring" females - to see all their cool behaviors.


Malayan Forest Gecko (Cyrtodactylus pulchellus) by reptile street photographer. and it looks like a different kind of a baby leopard gecko.

˚Giant Green Anole, Anolis frenatus

Giant Green Anole, Anolis frenatus, found in Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

Mossy leaf-tailed gecko - Uroplatus sikorae sikorae - juvenile

Uroplatus sikorae is a species of gecko commonly referred to as the Mossy leaf-tailed gecko. Found in primary and secondary forests of Madagascar.

Abronia graminea, Mexico                                                                                                                                                     More

Abronia graminea is an endangered arboreal alligator lizard described in 1864 by Cope. Animals inhabit bromeliads in the canopy of montane pine-oak and cloud forest.