Parade - EJC 2003 Svendborg

Circus ring - now this would make an amazing party venue

Martin Höhlig, Sarrasani Circus using the center pole to create a tent- audience in the roung

Freak Show Vintage Cropped Red Ringmaster Jacket - Party City

Our Freak Show Vintage Cropped Red Ringmaster Jacket is a scary twist to your women's ringmaster costume! Cropped red ringmaster jacket features hand-stained fabric for a vintage feel.

Circus Free Vector Art - (250 Free Downloads)

Here is an awesome vintage style circus poster that I really hope you can find a great use for.

Now this is the perfect Marquee for a circus themed event! Love it! Amazing DIY at!

Chasing Marquee Sign

Hi and welcome to my Chasing Marquee sign Instructable! This sign was originally created for a Halloween event but the general design can be carried o.

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Chinese circuses still feature stunts involving animals, because of its popularity with the paying public and foreign tourist. In fact, Chinese circuses are among the worst globally for outright neglect and cruel training methods involving fear, deprivati

Vintage Circus Graphics – Avalon Rose Design

Vintage Circus Graphics

Vintage Circus Graphics – Avalon Rose Design, creepiest clowns ever, poor…

Zelf jongleersticks maken uit plastiek flessen.

Como hacer Manualidades con una Botella de Plastico Tutoriales

cinéma : Claudette Colbert, "princesse Nadya", 1933

Mum, Claudette Colbert AND Harlequins: Two topics of conversation in one! (I am very chuffed that I can say we met her. Oh, and Rex Harrison too)

Parade - EJC 2003 Svendborg

A juggling association for people located in Europe.