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They told me I could be anything so I became a frog

I think it's Spiderman in a bear costume. Why would a bear wanna be a frog? But Spidey might wanna be a bear!

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After kickball...

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Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #136

What's for lunch?..Is this Yogi Bear waiting for someone to bring a picnic lunch?

Black bear sitting at picnic table hands on table waiting, I built this with my bear hands wood work carpenters, Hey Boo Boo where's the picnic basket says Yogi the bear cartoons,

When someone else calls your best friend their best friend!

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But soft what light through yonder window breaks it is the east and Juliet is the sun

I say this ALL the time when you hear about people being annoyed about encountering wild animals--- THEY WERE THERE FIRST!

A Bear in My Swimming Pool: You build houses in my woods I swim in your tiny lake. Ps - where are the fish? True story here. Get off my land white man.

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That's "In-Tents"

That's "In-Tents"

People in sleeping bags. are the soft tacos of the bear world. 18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand

In the woods...??  Unless you're a polar bear!!...lol

Fun Fact: Polar Bears yell when they poop.) I cannot stop laughing at this fun fact. Wouldn't you love to meet the person who figured this out? Does a bear poop in the woods? Oh does he ever, I hear it all the time!


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