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Gro Company - fall news

Gro Company - fall news

Darby O'Gill and the Little People 1959.  We watched every time it was on TV... I think this scared my sister a little

"Darby O'Gill & the Little People" 1959 - a great movie for St. Patrick's Day-after.

Fantastic Voyage by Slinkachu from the Little People Project..a hoody and capt birdseye in a bottle top.

Thursday Eye Candy

Fantastic Voyage, by London-based street artist Slinkachu who creates installations in finely-detailed miniature using litter and cut up train set figures less than tall. "It is a strange kind of buzz abandoning your creations on the street," he says

The Little People Project by Slinkachu (22 Photos) Fosterginger.Pinterest.ComMore Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ PINTEREST No Pin Limitsでこのようなピンがいっぱいになるピンの限界

Photographing miniature figures in the environment is nothing new, but few can match the clever scenes constructed by the London-based artist Slinkachu. Since releasing a book in he’s been.

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Slinkachu's New Miniature Scenes From Around the Globe

Little People's Village in Waterbury, CT -The legend varies slightly. Some say that years ago a man started to hear the voices of fairies and at their urging built the little people a series of houses and a throne in the woods. Others claim that the builder made his creation to placate his wife's growing mental instability. Regardless, in the woods of Waterbury lies a spooky and bizarre series of small houses, one larger house, and a throne, albeit in later stages of decay...

The Damned Story: One of the allegedly creepiest places in Connecticut is Little People’s Village, tucked away in the woods of Middlebury.

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Little People Project – Super Miniaturas por Slinkachu

London-based artist Slinkachu began the ‘Little People Project’ in 2006 in which he remodels and paints miniature model train set characters, and then p

Sean Connery (yep, a young pic- I love the scene where he sings in Darby O'Gill and the Little People!)

Sean Connery (yep, a young pic- I love the scene where he sings in Darby O'Gill and the Little People! Teeth visible when he smiled.

Fisher Price Little People ~ I saved mine so my kids could play with them, too. Even with today's fancy toys, they loved them as much as I did.

Here's What 23 Of Your Childhood Toys Look Like Now

The Fisher-Price Little People Family.these are the little people I had growing up!

Stroll by Slinkachu. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cMTXn_M33WI/UOR0XooJIUI/AAAAAAAABn4/ei7D6KHovXQ/s1600/Stroll+1+-+blog.jpg

Little People - a tiny street art project: Stroll. This really freaks me out.

“What’s the next holiday coming up??” is the question I’m asked, without fail, the day after EVERY holiday.  My kids super-love holidays.  And, you’ve probably figured out by now, that I love traditions…SO, why not delve right into the next holiday, St. Patrick’s Day? Do y’all know who St. Patrick is?  A while back, I …

St. Patrick's Day Family Traditions

Darby O'Gill and the Little People. A very young Sean Connery.I loved this movie then, and I love it now.