I think I never mentioned about the fact that Anne Marie is a shapeshifter. or maybe I did but I don& remember when. anyway - just a quick strip with Anne shifting into a falcon.

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made by: Chiara Bautista aka Milk , "There is just something in her eye' I have a small obsession with this artist now.


The windows turn dark when they look at each other. So does this mean their love is artificial?

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Sinceramente, podría permanecer en mi cama por el resto de la eternidad.

Como Hago Para Controlar La Ansiedad Por Comer

I could honestly stay in my bed for the rest of eternity. the feeling of depression.


Songs to listen to while you reflect on every awful decision you've ever made throughout your terrible life

Things that shiver me in remembrance: Scars. The burning of vodka like cathartic fire. The sleep-hazed aches of wounds yet to come. This reminds me that "the terrible things that happened to you didn't make you you. You always were."

Artist Jenny Yu Addresses the Romanticization of Loneliness