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Nyt billede af Sherlock og Irene

Nyt billede af Sherlock og Irene

"Now, I found, that the world is round and of course it rains everyday.  Living tomorrow, where in the world will I be tomorrow? How far am I able to see? Or am I needed here?" -Bee Gees

Sherlock and friends getting ready for bed! :D (I decided to put them all together so they didn't have to be separate pins ^_^)<<< awww

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Most of the time, Sherlock smiles in someone's face and then stops as soon as they aren't looking .But with John, Sherlock tries to look cool and collected when he's secretly pleased

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock

Freeman 'welcomed' Fargo freeze

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This is the greatest picture ever.  Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch

Funny pictures about An adorable picture. Oh, and cool pics about An adorable picture. Also, An adorable picture.

HaHa! One of my favorite scenes from 'His Last Vow'

Mycroft and Sherlock are so afraid of Mummy Holmes. And Mycroft opts to be noble and protect himself and his little brother, whereas Sherlock is like "abandon ship! Throw Brother Mine under the bus!

Rawr bitch

I'm not in this fandom though I sorta feel like I am. I'm in the Hobbit/LOTR fandom and sorta in the Sherlock.