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I love see to kokona suffering (*v* )" Free Backgrounds Characters by Yandere Simulator ^^! The Perfect Crime Feat Yandere-Chan

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21317462_1955465078053777_7716540190335115593_n.jpg (644×960)

This is from Yandere Simulator, I think Ayano saw a new student, got jealous, yadada, fight them, and then they both die.

Nemesis Contest Results

I really hope she'll be the hunter in Yandere Simulator Mission Mode.

The worst parent ever!!! XD | Yandere Simulator

Yandere Comic - The Legendary Yandere de DancerQuartz

No response(comic) by KOUMI04 on DeviantArt

No response(comic) by on DeviantArt: noooooo! You must be with budo!

Yandere Simulator Meme by Sonikkufreak on DeviantArt

A two-panel comic of my fav yandere simulator couple. made with gimp characters belong to yandere dev A Love Confession From Ayano

the news modes are so powerful (*-*) but the nurse and osana-chan are invincibles (u-u)" someday. characters by yandere simulator