animated street art

GIF-ITI – Un nouveau Street Art animé par INSA x RONE

The street artist INSA, who we already talked about with "Animated Street Art – Animated Street Art by INSA", just created a new piece of GIF-ITI in the streets

50 Jaw-Dropping Examples Of Street Art From Around The World; Artist: Unknown  Location: Melbourne, Australia

I think that graffiti all over a room in the house would be beautiful. Graffiti is beautiful, underrated art. street art street art street a.

Julien Malland (Seth)

Seth Globepainter

A selection of street art creations by French artist Julien Malland, aka SETH, aka Globe-Painter. Some beautiful creations, both colorful and deceptively

Esta ingeniosa obra de arte urbano vista en Italia es el ejemplo perfecto de arte que interactua con su entorno.

Cosimo ‘Cheone‘ Caiffa just completed this awesome mural in Milan, Italy that extends beyond the wall onto the sidewalk and street below.

Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen. Amy Winehouse <3

On of July 2011 the British singer Amy Winehouse disappeared from our lives. She joined the infamous club” alongside musicians Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all of…

Street art by Shepard Fairey

See the best street artists including some awesome urban art, wall murals and graffiti street art in locations all over the world