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HCAR - The Modernized Version Of The WW2 BAR

HCAR - The Modernized Version Of The WW2 BAR

You all know what the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) is, but you might not know what the HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is.

Ohio Ordnance Works to Demo its 30-06 Assault Rifle

Ohio Ordnance Works is going to demonstrate its Heavy Counter Assault Rifle, or HCAR at a live-fire range near.

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SIG SAUER® Introduces 308 Win Match Grade Elite Performance Ammunition - http://www.gunproplus.com/sig-sauer-introduces-308-win-match-grade-elite-performance-ammunition/

SIG SAUER, Inc. expands its Match Grade Elite Performance Ammunition line for rifles with the addition of a 308 Win loading.