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Instructions how to Crochet unique bag. Broomstick and feather stitch tutorials.

Oma House Slippers by Tara Murray

Love this pattern, comfy slippers you can stuff in your purse when heading out to see family and/or friends. Keep extra on hand for those who come to visit. Cool idea for chilly Howick nights. Pull on over socks!

Crochet Stitches


“Starburst” makes me think of a glittery explosion of pixie dust, and while this week’s stitch doesn’t sparkle, it’s a lot of fun to work up, especially if you like cl…

Stitch of the Week: The Starburst

Stitch of the Week: Diagonal Cluster

Stitch of the Week: Star (Daisy) Stitch

I stumbled upon MoCrochet’s Alwine’s Dishcloth this week, and after taking one look at the stitch, I knew I had to try it. I’ve done a few patterns with diagonals, but not many, s…