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My Weekly Spock: This Rare Color Picture…

Arlene Martel and Leonard Nimoy during the production of Star Trek episode “Amok Time"

Star Trek-- Everything in this chart makes me laugh way more than it should... XD"

A Star Trek Infographic AKA The Numbers of How This Show Ruined My Life. An infographic I did for a uni assignment, researched by sitting down in front of the box set and keeping tally marks.

Sticks and stones won't break that Bones

Sticks And Stones Won't Break That Bones

Poster that has at least one thing from every single episode of Star Trek: TOS that ever existed.

"Star Trek: The Original Series" by Dusty-Abell on "To Boldly Go Crazy: The Weird Fan Art Adventures of the Starship Enterprise" - And Where's Waldo?

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At this moment Bones just said 'Spock, do me a favor, and don't say it's fascinating.' And Spock's about to say 'No doctor, but it is. interesting' and then Bones will roll his eyes. So the answer is all

Kirk vs. the Gorn  Remember this episode alex?

Gorn T-Shirt. Made famous in "Arena," a Star Trek original series episode from this winning gold T-shirt highlights Captain Kirk's fight to the death against the Reptilian