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How to design a potager garden. It's a French kitchen garden where edible and decorative plants are mixed in the same border!

How to design a potager garden. Inspired by the French style that seeds flowers and herbs grown alongside veg crops. Such a cute allotment garden

Beginner's vegetable garden, salad garden, herb garden, tomato garden, canning garden, salsa garden, northern and southern seed collections - downloadable pdf charts

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Plant-A-Grams - Raised bed layouts, square foot gardening Infographic for various themed edible gardens, from a canning garden to a salad garden.

Kitchen Garden Designs

Kitchen garden designs - my favorites are the Kitchen Garden Design, the Kitchen Gardening Tips, Year Round Garden Design (at least I think so; I didnt know all the formal names listed), and the Eye Catching Kitchen Garden Plan.

Potager Garden - Creating Your Personal Garden Style

Creating Your Personal Garden Style: From Shakespearean Whimsy to Rustic Potager

Garden styles can be regional, such as an English garden, or a theme garden based on your own preferences. Read our outline on different garden styles.

How to build a herb/strawberry tower. Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower_11...build this with round roller to spin/move it, put in driveway behind cars.

How to build a herb/strawberry tower. Vertical Garden Pyramid this with round roller to spin/move it, put in driveway behind cars. You could use this for so many types of edible plants

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Me and Jessica need a garden! How to Espalier Fruit Trees . one of the easiest ways to include fruit trees in a small space garden and maximise your yield. Fruit grows on horizontal branches, leaves grow on verticals!

What is an Edible Forest Garden? It is the art & science of putting plants together in woodland-like patterns that forge mutually beneficial relationships, creating an ecosystem that is more than the sum of its parts. You can grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, other useful plants, & animals in a way that mimics natural ecosystems. You can create a beautiful, diverse, high-yield garden. If designed with care & deep understanding of ecosystem function, it is largely…

Picture yourself in a forest where almost everything around you is food. Fruit and nut trees form an open canopy. Food-bearing shrubs fill the gaps. Assorted native wildflowers, wild edibles, herbs, and perennial vegetables thickly cover the ground.

building a potager garden  -  a smaller (much) version of this is what Im dreaming of!!!

This might be my solution to gardening! I hate how our front yard/pasture looks. I have needed ideas for a layout and have been thinking of raised beds with walkways for my front yard. Wasnt sure how it would look, but this seems like a great layout idea!

How To Build A Squash Arch

How To Build A Squash Arch

How To Build a Squash Arch in Your Garden. Or use any other type of vine plant on the arch.

Garden Plan - Square Foot Garden Plan-Full Sun

Garden Plan - 2013: Square Foot Garden Plan-Full Sun