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Ashryvers [by LAS-T]

Aelin e Aedion Rainha de Terrasen, Assassina de Adarlan / Lobo do Norte, Puta de Adarlan


Dorian Havilliard by Taratjah WHy does he look like my dream boy LOL ill rot single BYE

Dragon Age,фэндомы,DAI,Инквизитор (DA),DA персонажи,Солас,Nipuni,artist

nipuni: “ A losing battle he can’t resist her! i love when she imitates his posture in this scene ”

she looked in the mirror and smiled she was always told how much she looked of her mother  but she never knew her mother. you look so much like your mother. she turned to see her father. thank you Adar. she said accepting his hug she really did miss him when she was gone

welseykels: “ “Warden-Commander Mira Amell, the Hero of Ferelden. ” This looks like Feyre so much