disney fact

Disneyland Fact: To make the castle sparkle, Walt wanted the spires plated with 22 karat gold. His brother, Roy, was opposed. So Walt sent Roy on a business trip and had it done while he was gone!

Is it werid that right when i read the word FLO, i said in my head, OH I FLO? Like from Finding Nemo

Fact 19 - Pixar uses the name 'Flo' twice. Deb, in Finding Nemo, names her reflection Flo. And there is Flo in Cars.

The Disney Facts We love Ducktales and still watch it till this day!

Disney Fact Ducktales was the first half-hour animated show created by Disney. I love ducktales!

That is so cool!

I hate this ride so much I want to burn it down I flipping hate those creepy puppet things I will never go on this ride!

I knew 3 and 4 already but didn't know 2 and 5!

4 is wrong because the golden spike represents the placement of the castle NOT the center of the park. i repeat it is NOT the center of the park.

The Disney Fun Fact Lilo Pelekai, from Lillo and Stitch, is 6 years old and is from Kauai, Hawaii.

The Disney Facts.seriously they spelled Hawaii wrong! Also, how did people find out Lilo's last name? And how convenient that its very close to 'Plekely', her one eyed, three legged friend

Ariel is the best

Although Ariel is my favorite, this is not true it's princess Tiana. Little Disney Fact Ariel has the mosts costume changes in her movie out of all the Princesses.

I think Timon and Pumbaa make a cameo as well during that scene. Though they are much harder to find.

Fact 47 - Belle makes a cameo appearance in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame while Quasimodo is singing "Out There".