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Only of US Citizens owned slaves in 1860 when slavary was at its peak.

The retired schoolteacher composed her essay on a morning walk and wrote it in half an hour. At least 100,000 people have endorsed it.

A congressman said making a man get maternity insurance was ‘crazy.’ A woman’s reply went viral.

Plus people do NOT understand insurance at all! Some one ELSE will help to pay for the maternity care his baby needs.

I will admit... It does make me feel this way

""I don't see race. I'm a good person." Translation: I'm going to use my place of privilege to refute and deny the sufferings of those who do not have white privilege while at the same time erasing their personal and cultural history.

To EVERYBODY I've ever told..."Men are like a lovely handbag & with matching perfect  shoes...they're accessories. They add to an ensemble.  But you still look PERFECT in no makeup & sweats.  Nice to have but absolutely NOT NECESSARY!!

Susan B. Anthony ~dedicated her life to the woman suffrage movement to create equality between men and women. The Susan B. Anthony Amendment in 1878 which later became the Amendment giving women the right to vote.

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"Let's argue. Let's have the great American debate about the role of government and the best policies for the country. It's fun. It's activism. It makes the country better when we have these debates. And your country needs you. It needs all of us. But two things disqualify from this process: You can't threaten to shoot people, and you have to stop making stuff up." - Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow lays out the basic qualifications for participating in serious political debate -- "You can't threaten to shoot people, and you have to stop making stuff up.

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Just to Set the Record Straight: Reject the Propaganda, Embrace the Truth! Reject the Big Lies of PAC Attack Ad's

This is really scary... they have infiltrated our whole system of government.. while we were busy working and paying taxes which pays their salaries. I hope its not to late to stop them.

These corporate driven republican judges with a purpose are not solely driven by fair justice.