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''what's for dinner ? '' '' I haven't got a SOUBIE and the kitchen in there is a real DIVE = it all comes out of tins I hear !!! '' ⭐️

Majestic Diving Photography that will Give You Scuba Thirst Scuba Diver Dogs - for no other reason than they're just cute. Who doesn't love cute dogs in scuba gear?

Scuba Diving

Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die: Diving Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations Chris Santella: Books

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Fearless February: Into the Blue

Night diving is a "must do" for a diver! It's extra awesome if bioluminescent is present!

2010 Through Your Lens Underwater Photo Contest Winners

La superbe épave du Kittiwake ! Vidéo HD ici -> http://www.plongeurs.tv/Iles-Caimans-une-minute-de-pur-bonheur-sur-l-epave-du-USS-Kittiwake-_v196.html

diving is one of my one of the pastimes that give me a real buzz, see how i fund my trips by clicking the link.


Scuba diving is one thing.scuba diving in a cave quite another! [Did that and was even able to come up to air and talk with other divers in the cave over 85 feet under water.

How cool is that

Scuba Diver Suspended in Thingvellir Lake, Silfra, Iceland: Snow and ice from glaciers 30 miles away is filtered through l.