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Elected Officials | USAGov - An important link to have. Our members of Congress can give voice to our voices.

Find contact information for federal, state, and local government officials.

The Long Read: We increasingly let computers fly planes and carry out security checks. Driverless cars are next. But is our reliance on automation dangerously diminishing our skills?

Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster

Glenn Greenwald: Attacking rescuers – a tactic long deemed by the US a hallmark of terrorism – is now routinely used by the Obama administration

30 Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Major Inspiration | Her Campus

30 Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Major Inspiration

National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Week events feature plug-in electric vehicle owners sharing their experience with others interested in driving electric.

Art Camps in the Bay Area

Art Camps in the Bay Area

Your hair can become grey because of several reasons. Here are the top 20 natural home remedies for grey hair treatment with images which are definitely help to you.

Top 20 Natural Home Remedies For Grey Hair Treatment

I think gray hair is so attractive on some men. However, it is still something that can make them feel self-conscious. Here are 20 home remedies for those grays!

Wind Turbine Electrical Towers

Bird-Friendly Wind Power

face yoga, facial exercises, face exercises

Learn the step by step Face Yoga Method that will take five years off your face naturally using facial exercises.

Sustainia - Exploring the Sustainable Society of Tomorrow

Sustainia is a global collaborative platform for communicating a sustainable future and for building a model and vision for a sustainable future

11 Possible Causes of Sharp Pain in the Back of My Head - EnkiVillage

Sharp Pain in the Back of My Head

What does it mean when I have sharp pain in the back of my head? Is it just fatigue or some serious conditions like brain tumor? See a doctor to get accurate diagnosis.

Physicists Confirm Quantum Theory Proposed in the 1930s

Physicists Confirm Quantum Theory Proposed in the