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Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Denny Duquette in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy for parts of three seasons John Winchester on Supernatural, The Comedian in the 2009 super

Alexander Skarsgard  For all you ladies who need a smile today. :)

The first time I saw Alexander, Sweden's sexiest man, Skarsgard was in Generation Kill, but his portrayal as hottie vamp Eric Northman in True Blood was what made me fall in love.


Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries, Ian somerhalder, Ian somerhalder, see no one can resist a man in a tie

“The key to a successful marriage is accepting that you’re not going to change the other person. And the words, ‘Yes, dear. Whatever you want." -- Patrick Dempsey

Love Lessons from Hollywood's Best Husbands

Patrick Dempsey: Patrick Galen Dempsey (born January is an American actor and race car driver, best known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd ("McDreamy") on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Vin Diesel. I think I will always love him.

Vin Diesel: He is an incredible actor, gifted with talent & the ability to unify people. Possibly the most caring & honest actor around. love being a part of his One Love revolution!

Orlando Bloom. Good looking pirate

I guess I have a thing for dark haired men. doesn't hurt if they have piercing eyes and are so incredibly handsome, like Orlando Bloom (although I liked him with long silvery hair, as Legolas).

Andy Garcia..... I love the story of how he met and married his wife!

Andrés Arturo García Menéndez (born April professionally known as Andy Garcia, is an American actor and director, Andy Garcia is the most famous person born with a parasitic twin. It was attached to his shoulder and was removed when he was a toddler.

Una información con la que estoy muy de acuerdo.

La Barbería: Tipos de Perilla

jeffery dean morgan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - So handsome ! Stopped watching greys anatomy after his character died. Wish he would have had a bigger part in Supernatural also !

I have always hated the way John Winchester favored Sam. It isn't Dean's fault Mary died. It isn't his fault John hunts. It isn't his fault that Sam is raised in such a crappy situation. It's John's fault. He left Dean alone with Sam whenever he left. He let himself become obsessed with finding Azazel. He put the burden of premature fatherhood on Dean's little shoulders.

I pity the John Winchester who lost his wife. I despise the John Winchester that neglected his sons and raised one of them to be a soldier.