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Roman/French/British/Dutch/Tibetan strikers - Historic Iron Work - Gallery - I Forge Iron

From the bottom: two Roman strikers. Next are two French flint strikers based on a painting dated The top left and very top are Brit/French/Dutch/Ital.

Forged Steel, Bush Craft, Irish Fest, Blacksmithing, Roman, Gears, Concrete Slab, Blacksmith Shop, Gear Train

Flint Striker                                                                                                                                                     More

Ground breaking designs in contemporary metalwork by Co. Studio at Russborough House, hosting short courses in blacksmithing.

Fire from Steel - Custom forged fire steels from Roman through Fur Trade time periods

Perveyor of custom hand forge fire steels from Roman times through the Fur Trade.

Viking era flint strikers

Base on originals from various grave and village sites.